10 min interview with Kathy Ireland                                                2 min testimonial - bank CEO achieves over $5 Million


We Make the Business of Banking

More Profitable


areas we increase

annual revenue

  • Correcting erroneous settings on the core system to capture lost revenue

  • Improving the return on investment for a bank's core banking system

  • Deposits and Lending Strategies

  • Capturing M&A lost revenue

To boost earnings and shareholder value, savvy bank chief executives continuously look to optimize their bank’s business processes to boost earnings and shareholder value. To accomplish this goal, financial institutions have completed profit improvement projects using internal personal and/or external consultants.

Lodestone Banking will find lost revenue that no one else can find.  How?  Ask this question: Has your bank ever had to provide "inquiry access" to the bank's core operating system so that a profit improvement analysis could be accomplished?  For 23 years, we have asked this question and the  answer is always "no". 

Every profit driver in a bank must be processed by the core system and only Lodestone Banking requires "inquiry access" to the core operating system to do our work. Our in-depth, cross-functional analysis combined with our expertise in aligning our client banks’ core banking systems with their business policies, consistently results in improving our clients’ annual interest and non-interest income. 

In today’s competitive banking environment, we offer an alternative way to grow your bottom line without staff reductions, branch closures, cost-cuts, savings or fee increases.  Our consulting approach consistently generates over $1 million in recurring revenue for every $1 billion in bank assets.

Let us show you how.